If you could get a good look at your air conditioning ductwork after a hard summer, you’d see how gross it can get. STOP breathing that junk! Let TJ’s Heating & Air Conditioning get in there and clean things up!


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10% OFF your duct and dryer vent cleaning!

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Rely on the power of Rotobrush

Whether your ductwork or dryer vent is flexible, round, square or a combination, the Rotobrush can handle it! A powerful brush at the end of a vacuum tube, the Rotobrush gets into the tight corners and sucks out the accumulated filth. Once your ducts are clean, we sanitize them with a spray cleaner and leave only a fresh scent.

We clean where you don't think to clean

Not only will your ducts be clean, but we also will scour and disinfect your register covers to remove oil, nicotine film and other dust collectors, then we’ll deep clean the air supply source, including the blower motor compartment. Be sure to ask about getting your air conditioner’s coils cleaned, as well!

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10% OFF your duct and dryer vent cleaning!

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Licensed and insured ESCO Certification
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